Cometic 4.545

Cometic 4.545" Bore .060 inch MLS Head Gasket - Chevy Big Block 396/402/427/454

Cometic Head Gasket BMW 8v 4Cylinder 1972-88 .070

Cometic Head Gasket BMW 8v 4Cylinder 1972-88 .070" MLS Cylinder

Dreamscience Block Mod - Ford Focus ST225 XR5


The dreamscience block mod is specifically designed as a preventative measure to protect the block against cracked liners. If you are unfortunate enough to have already experienced a cracked liner please contact us before ordering so we can discuss any repair options where possible. 

A cracked liner symptoms usually are:

  • misfiring
  • loss of coolant
  • excessive white smoke

Whilst cracks are more common in modified engines, they are especially prevalent in the Ford Focus Mk2 ST225 engine due to it’s design, with an open deck and thin cylinder liners.

The dreamscience shims strengthen the areas prone to cracking, and is an ideal piece of mind option especially for those who have spent thousands modifying their cars.

DIY kit included,

  • 1 x OEM Head gasket
  • 1 x OEM cam belt
  • 1 x OEM Cam tensioner
  • 1 x OEM Cam pulley
  • 2 x OEM V belts
  • 2 x OEM cam seals
  • 4 x dsci custom shims
  • 1 x 638 Loctite retaining compound
  • 1 x Turbo manifold gasket
  • dsci full shim install instructions. 
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