Twin 3″ Header Back Exhaust - Silverado 1500 MY20+

Twin 3″ Header Back Exhaust - Silverado 1500 MY20+

High Flow Cats - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 MY20+

High Flow Cats - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 MY20+

Cat-Back 3.5″ – 3″ Exhaust - Silverado 1500 MY20+


Boost your Chevvy Silverado’s note and performance with Torqit’s cat-back exhaust.

Torqit’s Cat-Back Performance Exhaust for the Chevrolet Silverado gives it a refined V8 note, an impressive upgrade from the quiet stock exhaust. Whether it’s your daily driver or used for towing and touring, Torqit’s Silverado exhaust boosts performance and is built to last the distance…

  • 304-grade stainless steel provides superior strength and rust resistance
  • Thick stainless steel handles extreme temperatures and rugged terrain without cracking
  • Mandrel bent pipe provides optimum exhaust flow and guarantees accurate fitment
  • Heavy-duty brackets and 3-bolt flanges welded inside and out add extra strength and prevent leaking
  • A single muffler produces a deep V8 growl with no cabin drone, ideal for long-distance driving and towing


The exhaust produces a distinct V8 rumble at full throttle and is unobtrusive when cruising. Most importantly, Torqit’s Silverado exhaust does not drone, which is a common issue with aftermarket Silverado systems. The exhaust eliminates droning with a custom quarter-wave resonator design (also known as a j-pipe) which branches out from the exhaust in a j-shape and is capped at the end. The length of the j-pipe is 1/4 of the exhaust’s sound frequency, meaning the sound waves bounce off the end of the j-pipe and return at half a wavelength out of sync, thus cancelling the drone. Click on the audio tab above to listen to the exhaust note on Torqit’s Silverado Exhaust.

The exhaust also includes a single muffler and runs from a single 3.5″ pipe into twin 3″ tailpipes, connecting to the factory tips. As it bolts directly onto the back of the catalytic converter, it will not void warranty and insurance regulations.

Improve the exhaust note and flow, lower EGTs, and increase your vehicle’s efficiency with Torqit’s Silverado Exhaust. All backed by a 10-year product warranty.

We recommend combining this exhaust with Torqit’s Silverado Performance Headers for maximum performance and a more aggressive note.


Torqit’s Silverado Performance Exhaust is bolt together system designed for DIY installation. 

  • Fit in approximately three hours on your driveway (note the stock exhaust system will require cutting off)
  • No hoist required
  • Full fitment kit and instructions included

Need a little guidance? Click on the instructions tab above to download a copy of our Performance Exhaust Troubleshooting Guide.

Please note – if you are installing Torqit’s Silverado Headers as well, fitment will take an additional 5-6 hours, and require a hoist and mechanical expertise. In this instance, we highly recommend using an experienced fitter.


Thick Stainless Steel
Over its lifetime, your exhaust faces extreme temperatures, vibrations, and rough terrain. We use stainless steel up to 2mm thick to handle these harsh conditions and maintain structural strength even after bending. Being incredibly durable and difficult to crack, you can go off-road with peace of mind that your Torqit Performance Exhaust system will last the distance.
As well as impacting the strength of an exhaust system, steel thickness affects the sound of the exhaust. You will find that the thinner the steel, the tinnier the note.  Among Australia’s thickest mandrel bent systems, Torqit Performance Exhausts generate a deep note without a cabin drone. 

304 Grade Stainless Steel
The highest quality steel used in exhaust systems is 304-grade stainless, the superior choice for strength, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance. In particular, the high percentage of chromium and nickel makes 304-grade stainless highly resistant to rust, stress, and harsh conditions such as high temperatures.
This rust resistance is essential if you tackle water crossings, back your vehicle into the water to unload your boat, or live by the coast. Over time, lower-grade steels such as 409 grade produce surface rust. In comparison, 304-grade steel will only brown when exposed to high temperatures and can always be polished back to the original finish. 

Internal & External Welds
High-quality welds are essential to avoiding structural fatigue on joints, stopping cracks from forming, and preventing exhaust gas leaks. All Torqit Performance Exhausts are TIG welded internally and externally to reinforce the system for maximum strength.
Although TIG welding is complex and more time-consuming than the usual MIG welding technique used on exhausts, it is a vital part of creating a premium system. As a result, Torqit’s welds are extremely precise and create a beautiful clean finish with no welding spatter.

Mandrel Bent System
Torqit’s Mandrel Bender uses a flexible mandrel rod to support the pipe internally and prevent crinkling as it’s bent. As a result, this provides a smooth and constant diameter, maintains structural integrity and thickness, improves exhaust flow, and reduces back pressure. Detailed programming replicates the path of each exhaust produced and guarantees 100% accurate fitment. 


  • Brushed stainless steel tube up to 2mm thick
  • Premium 304-grade stainless steel
  • Fully mandrel bent system
  • TIG welded
  • Three-bolt, laser-cut flanges
  • Internal and external welds on the flanges
  • Heavy-duty brackets
  • Deep V8 note with no cabin drone
  • DIY bolt-together install
  • Ten-year product warranty
  • Fits with a spare tyre and heat shields
  • Pair with Torqit’s Silverado headers
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