DBA 4000 Series T3 Slotted Brake Rotors - Rear - Subaru WRX 94-98/08/Forester 97-07

DBA 5000 Series T3 2 Piece Slotted Brake Rotor Front - Ford Focus RS Mk3


DBA 5000 Series High Performance 2-Piece Discs

Disc Brakes Australia is proud to announce its New Flat Disc range of products for the high end global performance vehicles. This product typically suits the upper level of prestige performance vehicles that are delivered with factory fitted two-piece rotor designs as standard.

The DBA replacement ring or disc comes with all the outstanding features of the DBA 5000 series products and is available as a direct replacement for vehicles such as the EVO 10, Nissan GTR, Mercedes AMG, HSV and FPV.

DBA, The ultimate brand in performance direct OE replacement discs.

DBA 5000 Series Slot Design

The DBA slotted performance range of rotors, feature many unique and patented designs. DBA® has many slotted design options available and provide a unique design under a conditional special order.

The innovative Kangaroo Paw ventilation design runs cooler, is stronger, and outperforms traditional straight vane disc rotors by up to 20%.

The Kangaroo Paw system features 144 precisely positioned diamond and tear—drop pillars. The pillars provide greater strength and greater surface area. This helps by increasing heat dissipation and returning to optimal operating temperatures ready for the next braking application.

T3 Slot design—DBA®'s T3 slot design is built on the T2 design but with an increased number of slots, taking it from 32 to 48 CNC machined slots. The result is an even quieter, more responsive and smoother brake pedal feel. This is achieved from a series of tri-symmetrical 'curved' slots, which when aligned in a specific way, drastically dampen the vibration harmonics, thats commonly associated with traditional straight slot (groove) rotor designs.

The tri—symmetn'cal slots also increase the number of out—gassing exit points for brake pad friction gases to escape through, further increasing the consistency and effectiveness of every brake stop.

Performance metals — Usually only found in high—end performance discs, XG-150 is a unique formulation developed for all DBA® products.

High carbon alloyed iron may look like regular iron found on standard discs, but DBA®’s unique XG—lSO iron formula has been tested the world over to the absolute limits of braking punishment

Built for abuse — DBA® uses a process called thermal stability profiling (TSP) on all 4000 and 5000 discs manufactured with XG-150.

TSP re-aligns the micro-stmcture of the iron, increasing density, resistance to extreme temperature, allowing the rotor to remain dimensionally true.

4000 and 5000 series T3 rotors also incorporate DBA®'s Thermo—Graphic heat paint markings which change colour at speci?c temperature thresholds.

By monitoring the markings, drivers can check their braking performance quickly and easily.

5000 T3 Slot Design


  • Patented ’Kangaroo Paw' ventilation design“ provides greater heat dissipation
  • AlumaliteTM centre made from light-weight 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium material (re-useable)
  • X6150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron increases the thermal capacity properties of the rotor
  • Tri-Symmetrical T3 Slot design dampens the vibration harmonics resulting in a quieter, responsive and smoother brake pedal feel
  • TSP (Thermal Stability Profiling) prolongs the service life of the rotor
  • Replacement disc rotors available (without aluminium centre)

At a Glance


Alumalite Brake Components

  • Replacement aluminium hats
  • Available in Black or Gold anodised finish
  • Supplied with complete set of NAS nuts/bolts
  • NAS = National Aerospace Standard
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