High Flow Cats - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 MY20+

High Flow Cats - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 MY20+

Torqit Single 3.5″ – Twin 3″ Exhaust - DT Ram MY19+

Torqit Single 3.5″ – Twin 3″ Exhaust - DT Ram MY19+

Performance Headers - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 MY20+


Torqit’s Performance Headers for the Chevy Silverado increase exhaust flow for a significant boost in power, sound, and engine efficiency.

Performance Headers replace your vehicle’s restrictive exhaust manifolds, for increased flow and a boost in engine performance. Whether you’re looking to get more power out of your rig, or simply reduce strain on the engine when towing or under load, Torqit’s Silverado Headers will increase exhaust flow for an overall improvement in power, note and efficiency.

Mandrel bent and manufactured here in Australia, Torqit’s Performance Headers for the Chevy Silverado are a long tube design. The length and smooth, constant diameter of the pipes helps reduce back pressure, increasing the air ratio and helping the engine work at maximum capacity. Dependent on your driving style, this can significantly improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency when cruising long distances at a constant speed.

Each header is fully ceramic coated, providing long-term protection and performance and preserving the sleek finish. Acting as a thermal barrier, Torqit’s Turbo X coating is rated to 1000 degrees and will withstand high temperatures and corrosion without cracking or flaking.

We recommend combining these Silverado headers with Torqit’s Cat-Back Silverado exhaust for maximum performance and a deep, aggressive note.


Long Tube Primary Pipes
Torqit’s Silverado headers are a long tube design, meaning the pipes merge further away from the engine. This design helps reduce back pressure, improves exhaust flow, and builds extra torque and horsepower throughout the rev range. A long tube design additionally improves the ‘scavenging process’, through which the exhaust gas in each engine cylinder is replaced with fresh air for the next cycle. This provides maximum airflow for the engine to work at full capacity.

Mandrel Bent Steel
Made in Australia, Torqit’s Performance Headers are mandrel bent from premium quality steel. Thinner and smoother than the rough cast iron walls of factory manifolds, the pipe’s constant diameter allows unrestricted exhaust flow, without stalling or back pressure. A Mandrel Bender guarantees 100% accuracy and repeatability, which is key to aligning headers during installation.

Tough Ceramic Coating
An ultra-tough ceramic coating provides a powerful thermal barrier, which reduces temperatures and corrosion for long-term protection and performance. Rated to 1000 degrees, Torqit’s Turbo X Ceramic Coating can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or flaking. As a result, the header will last longer plus maintain its sleek finish.

Pair With Torqit’s Silverado Exhaust System
For the ultimate performance upgrade, pair with Torqit’s Silverado Performance Exhaust. The exhaust runs from a single 3.5″ pipe into twin 3″ tailpipes and is designed to produce a powerful V8 note without cabin drone. Together, Torqit’s full exhaust and header upgrade provides optimum power and torque, improved fuel efficiency, reduced EGTs and a deep note.


Installing Torqit’s Silverado Headers is a 5-6 hour process. As it requires a hoist and mechanical expertise, we highly recommend using an experienced fitter.

Torqit’s Headers are interchangeable with the stock components on your vehicle. However, to eliminate all restrictions and get the best performance out of your vehicle, we recommend installing them alongside Torqit’s Silverado Performance Exhaust.


  • Long tube primary pipes
  • Mandrel bent pipe
  • Tough ceramic coating
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Three-year product warranty
  • Made in Australia
  • Pair with Torqit’s Silverado Performance Exhaust
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