Torqit Twin Exit Exhaust Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 4.5L MY11/07-09/15

Torqit Twin Exit Exhaust Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 4.5L MY11/07-09/15

Cat-Back 3.5″ – 3″ Exhaust - Silverado 1500 MY20+

Cat-Back 3.5″ – 3″ Exhaust - Silverado 1500 MY20+

Twin 3″ Header Back Exhaust - Silverado 1500 MY20+


Torqit’s Twin 3″ Header Back Performance Exhaust for the Silverado delivers maximum power, torque, and a deep V8 note without any cabin drone.

Thick Stainless Steel
Your exhaust faces extreme temperatures, vibrations, and rough terrain. We use stainless steel up to 2mm thick to handle these harsh conditions and maintain structural strength even after bending. Being incredibly durable and difficult to crack, you can go off-road knowing that your Torqit Performance Exhaust system will last the distance.
As well as impacting the strength of an exhaust system, steel thickness affects the sound of the exhaust. You will find that the thinner the steel, the tinnier the note.

304 Grade Stainless Steel
The highest quality steel used in exhaust systems is 304-grade stainless, superior for strength, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance. In particular, the high percentage of chromium and nickel makes 304-grade stainless highly resistant to rust, stress, and harsh conditions such as high temperatures. 

Mandrel Bent System
Torqit’s Mandrel Bender uses a flexible mandrel rod to support the pipe internally and prevent crinkling as it’s bent. As a result, this provides a smooth and constant diameter, maintains structural integrity and thickness, improves exhaust flow, and reduces back pressure. Detailed programming replicates the path of each exhaust produced and guarantees 100% accurate fitment. 

High Flow Cats
Torqit’s high-flow catalytic converters focus on increasing exhaust flow, so your engine can breathe more freely and effectively disperse heat to lower your EGTs. The reduced CPSI gives you improved flow, fuel economy and overall performance. 

Performance Headers
Torqit’s Silverado headers feature an ultra-tough ceramic coating, which reduces temperatures and corrosion for long-term protection and performance. Plus, these headers feature a long tube design which helps reduce back pressure, improve exhaust flow, and builds extra torque and horsepower throughout the rev range. A long tube design improves the ‘scavenging process’, through which the exhaust gas in each engine cylinder is replaced with fresh air for the next cycle. This provides maximum airflow for the engine to work at full capacity.


  • Brushed stainless steel tube up to 2mm thick
  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel
  • A fully mandrel bent system
  • TIG welded
  • Laser cut flanges welded internally and externally
  • High flow cats
  • Deep note without cabin drone
  • DIY bolt-together install
  • Ten year product warranty
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